Message from the president of association IACCP Klaus Boehnke to all of you

message from the president of association iaccp klaus boehnke

to all of you

Dear fellow members and participants of IACCP Congress,

In many countries around the globe Sars-CoV-2, the new Coronavirus, is hitting hard.

In close consultation with our Czech colleagues (Martina Klicperova, Šárka Dobiášová, and Iva Poláčková), I today have to inform you that the 25th International Congress of IACCP has to be postponed to 2021.

We now have to make a number of decisions that certainly could not all been reached as of today. PLEASE, be so kind to spare our Czech organizing team of detailed questions for some days. They are in a situation of utter stress. Be assured that all your questions will be answered in due time and that the IACCP leadership is in continuous very close contact with the congress organizers.

As the officers of IACCP, we now have to make many decisions on how to proceed, with utmost prudence. Please give us a little time. The most likely decision is that the congress will be held next year around the same time in the same place, but please exert the patience to await a formal decision and exact timing.

Greetings from a sad IACCP President

Klaus Boehnk




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