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This year’s conference IACCP 2020+ will be online. The scientific programme combines Pre-recorded Asynchronous Sessions, Live Synchronous Sessions,  and Poster presentations.

Table of Contents

Pre-recorded Asynchronous Sessions

These sessions include individual oral and symposia presentations. (However, the discussant in a symposium will save the discussion for a live discussion as described below.)  All will be pre-recorded and available for viewing by registered participants 2 weeks before the conference begins (July 13, 2021) and will remain available for viewing registered participants until  August 31, 2021. A chat on the online platform will be available for each presentation and presenters are required to check their presentation’s chat on the platform during the conference  (July 13 – August 31, 2021) to respond to questions and comments.  In addition, we will schedule Live Synchronous discussions of individual papers and symposia (described below). 

We are very pleased that you will present at the IACCP 2020+ Congress and we would like to help you to prepare a successful contribution to the scientific programme. Below you will find our requirements and recommendations for preparing your pre-recorded video presentation. We strongly recommend that you read them carefully before you commence preparing your recording so as to follow the congress requirements for formatting. The conference staff will review all recordings and ask presenters whose recordings do not meet the formatting Guidelines to revise them. Recordings that do not follow these Guidelines by the final revision deadline will not be accepted for the programme.

Deadline for Submitting Recorded Presentation
  • By June 7, 2021, you need to have submitted your recorded presentation following the technical requirements and recommendations listed below. 
  • Late submissions will  not be accepted. In order for the videos to be processed and checked by our Technical Board, there is considerable urgency in preparing, finalizing and uploading your video no later than the above-stated deadline.
  • Requirements and recommendations for oral and symposia presentations
  • Do not upscale an SD video to HD resolution, as the quality would be poor.
  • The video must be formatted horizontally (i.e., landscape) The frame rate is flexible, as long as it’s consistent throughout the video. These are very common frame rates: 25, 29.97, 30, 59.97, 60. If you produce your video using one of the recommended tools, you do not need to attend to the frame rate.
  • File size should not exceed  1GB for a symposium or 200MB for individual presenters.
  • Follow strictly 15 minutes length for individual oral presentations
  • Maximum length is 90 minutes for symposia of 5 presentations. If the symposium includes fewer presenters it is not necessary to use the whole time. The discussants are required to attend the Live Thematic Session and should not be recorded.
  • The recording must be provided in a single file (i.e., Oral presentation – 1 file, Symposium – 1 file) 
  • Please use the following file naming convention: conference name_abstractsID# (it was generated by your abstract submission)_abstract type_surname_first name
    •  Examples: IACCP_ID#455_oral_Novak_Petr.MP4 or IACCP_ID#455_symposium_Novak_Petr.MP4
  • Authors retain copyright to videos. 
  • Ensure that you have the rights to use all the material that is contained in your submission.

Please be sure your video(s) comply with the following instructions: 

  • Please be sure the presentation in your video includes the title of the paper and the names of the authors. The language must be English!
  • Make sure that you display the title slide long enough to be read (up to 5 seconds)
  • Text on slides:
    • 7×7 guideline: A maximum of seven words per line and seven lines per slide will improve the communication value of your slide,
    • Edit titles and long sentences to fit into only one line,
    • Use only one sub-level,
    • Boldface text carries more weight,
    • Use color with purpose, not as decoration,
    • Do not use footnotes,
    • Use a sans-serif font (Arial, Calibri etc.) of at least 30 point size,
    • Keep the content at least 50 pixels from the slide edges.
  • Incorporate the following information when recording your video, but feel free to adapt. (Remember to speak slowly and clearly!) 

“Hi! I’m [insert name] of [insert your organization name] and I am presenting [paper title] during the session [session title].” 

The session title is a thematic area of your talk and you can find it as “Detailed topic” in the abstract details in your IACCP 2020+ account. 

Once you have recorded your 15-minute presentation, please remember to close out your session with a thank you to the audience.

  • Use a place to make your recording that is as quiet as possible, as even low levels of ambient noise will be detectable in the video. Avoid areas that have an echo or bad acoustics and use a good microphone or headset for audio. Keep the headset microphone close to your mouth BUT away from the direct line of the mouth to reduce “pops”. Avoid, if possible, using the computer’s built-in microphone.
  • Close the door and windows and make sure you won’t be disturbed. Close your email program and other applications that could make sounds while you are recording. Place your mobile phone in “do not disturb” or “vibrate only” mode. Switch your laptop or mobile device to “Do not disturb” mode (on Mac or on PC).
  • Avoid, if possible, using the default built-in microphone on the computer. Remember to speak slowly and enunciate clearly, without pausing.
  • Make sure you have good front light – ensuring that the light shines brightly on your face or up to 30 degrees off centre. If your back is to a window, close the shades. Put the camera at eye level whenever possible, you can also watch this tutorial for a better head recording production outcome.
  • Your video must include the speaker in a small window and not covering your slides. The recommended tools will accommodate this requirement.  
  • The background should be neutral and not distracting for the audience.
  • If you use your mobile device for the recording please be sure to record horizontally and not vertically. Do not record your video in “selfie mode” (i.e., using the camera that is in the device’s screen), as this diminishes the quality of the video for most devices.
  • Do a test recording of a couple of minutes and review the sound and picture quality before recording the entire presentation.
  • Ensure that text graphics are legible after the video has been exported to its final format.

Additional tips:

  • We encourage you to submit as early as possible and not wait until the deadline as each video will be reviewed and may require re-submission if there are any issues. It’s possible your submission may need to be re-recorded, so if we ask for another version, please make every effort to revise and resubmit as soon as possible.

You can use the tool you are familiar with but with the final product following the Guidelines. We are recommending some of the available recording tools; see with links to their tutorials below.


Converting tools – changing the video format: 

If you use  video editing software to prepare your video, be sure to choose the export option MPEG4/H.264. This is currently the most common format/codec for making videos of this kind. Several free video creation and conversion tools are available that use these options, such as Freemake Video Converter and HandBrake. 

Editing tools 

Should you wish to polish your video there are numerous video editing tools available such as OSB Studio, iMovie, Lightworks or open-source Avidemux with its instructions guide.

Note: We do not endorse or are responsible for the use of any of the software mentioned in this guide.


Please be sure to review your recorded presentation prior to submission and follow the checklist below. 

  • Do you have a title slide featuring your name, the presentation’s title, session title, and all co-authors and affiliations?
  • Do you orally narrate this information (name, presentation title, etc.) at the beginning of your presentation?
  • Is your file saved as a .mp4 video file?
  • Is your file named according to the template – conference name_abstractsID# (was generated by your abstract submission)_abstract type_surname_first name
    • Example: IACCP_ID#455_oral_Novak_Petr.MP4 
  • Is the audio consistent and clear, free from static, hums, hisses, or interference?
  • Is the audio at the right level, without having to adjust your volume very high or very low?
  • Does your talk start promptly? (your narration should begin within the first 3 seconds after the title)
  • Does your recording end promptly after your closing remarks, without being cut off early or continuing for too long?
  • Is there audio on every slide? Having audio on every slide ensures that each slide gets the correct timing before advancing. If a slide is self-explanatory, you can simply say, “This slide is self-explanatory.”
  • Do all your slides, movies, and animations appear correctly?

Once you are happy with the final product, please upload it to the IACCP 2020+ system following the guidance below:

1) Upload option will be available only for registered presenters from May 1, 2021.

2) log into YOUR IACCP 2020+ account on the conference website with the user name that you used for abstract submission. Click on “Video”.

IACCP 2020+

3) Choose the file from your computer and click “Upload”.

4) Successful message will be displayed. 


5) If a problem is found with the video you will be contacted by the Organizers to submit a revised recording.


We are here to help you with any problems.

April 27, 2021 – 09:00 and 17:00 UTC        

April 29, 2021 – 09:00 and 17:00 UTC

May 13, 2021 – 09:00 and 17:00 UTC

May 17, 2021 – 09:00 and 17:00 UTC

Please read the Guidelines for presenters before joining the session. 

During these sessions, we will answer your questions and show you how to simply create a video presentation with two free tools.


Live Synchronous  Sessions

These sessions, Keynote addresses, General meeting, Thematic Live Discussion, Poster Breakout Rooms etc– are scheduled from July 27 – 31, 2021 and registered participants will be able to attend them virtually on the congress online platform. All live sessions will be recorded and available for asynchronous viewing by August 31, 2021. Live Q&A will be available during the Live Synchronous Sessions so participants can ask the presenters questions regarding their presentations. The chat option will also be available during these sessions. 

Oral Presentation Discussions

Oral presentations will be grouped in small moderated Thematic group discussion sessions in which also the audience will have the opportunity to interact through Live Q&A and/or the chat function. A moderator will be appointed to assist the discussion. Each presenter will be given the exact allocated time for his/her online live thematic discussion session. 

Symposium Discussions

A synchronous Live Discussion will be scheduled for each symposium. The symposium chair will moderate this session and presenters will join the discussion.  If the symposium includes a discussant, he/she will present the discussion in the discussion session (i.e., it will not be prerecorded).  

Poster Breakout Rooms

Poster Breakout Rooms will be scheduled for a group of posters. Each poster presenter will be assigned to a specific time slot for discussion.

Poster  Presentations

Your poster will be presented via the IACCP 2020+ online conference platform. See below for details on preparing your poster.

Poster Breakout Rooms will be scheduled for a group of posters. Each poster presenter will be assigned to a specific time slot for discussion.

Posters can ONLY be submitted as a single page PDF file with a maximum file size of 10MB. You may include a hyperlink to other materials in the PDF document (e.g., a YouTube video describing the poster, additional supporting materials).

Requirements for poster presentations
  • The file must be single page in PDF format
  • Please use the aspect ratio of A0 with landscape orientation, approximately 1,4:1
  • File size up to 10 MB
  • Please use the following naming convention: conference type_abstractsID# (was generated by your abstract submission)_abstract type_surname_first name
    •  Example: IACCP_ID#455_poster_Novak_Petr.pdf 
  • Authors retain copyright to presentations and it is very important that you have the rights to use all the material that are included  in your submission
  • All poster presenters will be required to upload the poster file directly to the online platform. The personalized link will be sent to each poster presenter for upload on July 12, 2021.
  • Please check useful links for instructions for Converting Microsoft PowerPoint to PDF and converting Google Slides to PDF
  • Formatting recommendations to maximize the accessibility of your poster
    • Contrast – Use high contrast between the background and the text color (e.g., black text on a white background or white text on a dark blue background).
    • Color – Use indicators other than just color for marking or highlighting items in your presentation such as asterisks or underlining.
    • Text alignment – Use left-aligned text when multiple lines of text are being presented.
    • Alternative (alt) text – Provide a short 1-2 sentence description of any visuals (e.g., images, photos, equations, graphs) that cannot otherwise be read by a screen reader. Because the presentation slide will be converted to PDF, the best option for ensuring the readability of alt text is to include the description in a text box below the image.


These Guidelines for Presenters is an adapted version of SIOP “Society for Industrial/Organization Psychology” instruction page, used with permission. 





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