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IACCP 2020+ Virtual

25th International Congress of the International Association for Cross-Cultural Psychology
27th - 31th July 2021

The message from the IACCP 2020+ President

” Dear Friends and Colleagues: 

It is a great privilege to invite you all to this unique international cross-cultural meeting. 

When we chose the motto of our conference, ”Where is my home?“, a few years ago, we were hoping we would be physically hosting you in the Czech Republic. In fact, the phrase ”Where is my home?“ happens to be the title and the opening line of the Czech national anthem. We meant it as  an overture to our cross-cultural deliberations about identity, migration, co-operation, and humanity because, from a global perspective, the Earth is our shared home. 

Coronavirus did not allow us to bring you over. Paradoxically, you will most likely be sitting at your own homes when logging into this great virtual event.  

We shall make sure that going virtual in no way means passive and boring, but a rich and engaging experience. We shall be using an excellent platform that will let you access a library of conference presentations and thus you will be able to view more presentations than in a face-to-face conference, move from on presentation to another without running down a hallway, and of course…fast forward when you wish :-). More than that, conferences are about INTERACTION and you will be able to interact and chat with speakers at scheduled times. You will also be able to make private appointments with people of your choice. We will include discussion groups and in-depth talks as well as things to do together for fun. 

We shall do our best to deal with what divides us, such as time zone differences, and to build on what unites us–we have so much to share.  We are excited that our cross-cultural family meets again, soon! “

Martina Klicperová-Baker
IACCP 2020+ President


“Where is my home? The dynamics of identities and communications.”



The official language of the congress is English. All abstract submissions and presentations are to be conducted in English.

Important dates

16th November 2019
Abstract submission opens
16th November 2019
1st March 2021
Registration opens
1st March 2021
15th March 2021
Abstract submission deadline
15th March 2021
30th March 2021
Notification regarding abstract submissions submitted by March 15th, 2021
30th March 2021
15th April 2021
Deadline for registration for all presenters (Registration = registration fee paid)
15th April 2021
14th May 2021
Video/Presentations upload deadline
14th May 2021
27th July 2021
Opening ceremony
27th July 2021




IACCP 2020+

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